If your home has no loft insulation, installing it will have a big impact on reducing your energy use. It will also make your home more cosy, keeping the heat in for longer. A professional installer can get the job done in as little as an afternoon, or doing it yourself could take just one weekend.

For a detached house you could save £475 each year

For a detached house you could save £475 each year. A typical installation cost would be £1200 if done by a professional installer, or £970 if you decide to do it yourself.

Some homes have a small amount of loft insulation and can benefit from adding more. This is called top-up insulation. The recommended depth is 270mm and everyone should aim to reach this.

Checking if you have loft insulation should be easy if you are able to safely access your loft space. Loft Insulation is usually fitted between and above the wooden joists. From the access point, you can either use a ruler or tape measure at the side of the insulation and measure the depth.  Loft spaces can get very dusty so remember to cover up and wear protective gloves to stay safe.  

You can also contact a loft insulation company to carry out an assessment. If you have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) it will suggest whether loft insulation will help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Some people are eligible for government support schemes to help with energy bills and home energy efficiency improvements.

This information is based on independent research by Energy Saving Trust. Estimates are based on insulating a gas-heated home, and UK fuel prices in July 2023. The estimated costs for professional installation are unsubsidised and prices will vary.

The recommended depth of mineral wool insulation is 270mm, but other materials need different depths. Loft insulation typically lasts for 40 years. This means it should pay for itself many times over in that lifetime.

If you rent your home, you will need to discuss installing loft insulation with your landlord.

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DIY cost estimates include VAT. Professional installer estimates exclude VAT as this is not applied to insulation services.