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It’s Father’s Day on Sunday the 19th of June. Spoil your dad with a sustainable gift and make a positive choice for the planet. If he’s a foodie, tech-lover or fitness fanatic, there are so many options when it comes to green gifting. It’ll make you feel good and put a smile on his face. Plus, it could save you money!

Here are just a few ideas:

Home-made gifts

From kids, the gift that any dad will love most is something they’ve made themselves. They could make a ‘best dad’ rosette or a salt dough fridge magnet or a T-shirt with their hand prints on it. YouTube is full of ideas. Another nice option is to put a list of homemade ‘coupons’ in a jam jar – like ‘I’ll tidy my room’, ‘I’ll have a film night with you’ or ‘I’ll make you breakfast in bed’. These kind of gifts are truly priceless and will ensure the day’s memorable.

Planet-friendly beer

The latest thing in brewing is sustainable beer. It’s a great way for your dad to enjoy his pint without maxing out his carbon footprint.

The Purity Brewing Co uses the latest tech to keep its energy usage to a minimum. Its used grains and yeast are fed to farm animals. The hops are given to farmers to use as fertiliser. The brewery’s Discovery Boxes – containing a mix of its lager, IPA and stout – cost around £32.

Turning waste into taste, Toast makes beer from leftover bread, instead of barley. The London-based brewery uses less land and energy than its conventional counterparts. Its gift packs cost from £25.

If your dad likes a low alcohol beer, you could order a mini keg from Small Beer, for £25. The brewery has developed a unique way of cutting its water usage and runs on renewable energy.
Plastic-free shaving

Give your dad a stainless steel safety razor, which can be used for years – saving him money and helping the planet. Only the blades will need to be changed. You could consider the Bambaw Safety Razor or Jungle Culture’s Bamboo Safety Razor, both costing just under £20. For a zero waste shave, you could also buy him a bar of plastic-free shaving soap, from Rugged Nature (£5) or Friendly Soap (£2.95).

Refurbished tech

If your dad’s a tech head, you can buy him some refurbished tech that, in many cases, operates just like new. When buying, make sure to check that not only have you got a good price, but also a good returns policy and a warranty similar to what you’d get when buying new. Second-hand goods bought from online retailers are covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which allows for 14-day returns and repair or replacement if the gadget can be proved to be not “fit for purpose” within six months. So make sure not to buy from an individual, as you won’t have these rights.

In terms of where to shop, Apple Store offer a refurbished section. CeX, Music Magpie and Amazon Renew are some of the other main retailers.

Fitness gear

Get your sporty dad some eco fitness gear. Sustainable sports brands are on the rise, as people wake up to the environmental disaster that is fast fashion. However, they can be more expensive, as it just costs more to do things properly – like growing things organically and paying people a fair price.

That being said, Edinburgh-based brand Earth Wardrobe is trying to make sustainable fashion available to all, with its affordable range of organic cotton and recycled polyester basics. Its men’s sportswear range includes T-shirts, polos, hooded scuba jackets and fleeces, from £10.

Presca offers a wider range, including sustainable cycling jerseys and leggings, but at higher price points. For example, a gym vest made out of recycled waste costs £35. Rapanui has a green-energy-powered factory on the Isle of Wight, where it makes organic clothing. It offers three-packs of men’s organic cotton T-shirts, in various colours, from £36.

Doing something fun

Most of us have got more than enough stuff – and that most likely includes your dad. Instead of giving him yet more socks or aftershave, why not take him on a day out to somewhere meaningful, like a park he took you to as a child? Or you could book tickets for a sporting event or the cinema. Just spending time with him is what he’ll value most.

A meaningful choice

When it comes to Father’s Day, there are so many ethical, Earth-friendly options out there. You can still treat your dad. You just don’t need to cause unnecessary environmental harm. As with every occasion, you can make a positive choice for the planet.



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