Your home’s EPC rating could end up costing you.

From little tweaks to big changes, here’s how to make the comfiest room in the house kinder on the environment.

Spring cleaning is a bit more tolerable if you know it’s saving you some cash!

From the bones of a building to the final decorative flourishes, here are seven things to consider when giving your home a sustainable makeover.

Easy ways to make sure your porcelain throne has a leaner, greener impact on the planet.

Simple choices and easy tips to make your bathroom the greenest room in the house.

Give your property an energy efficiency boost without having to consult your landlord.

You definitely don’t need air-conditioning.

Now’s the time to get on top of the eco tasks you’ve never had time to do.

And maybe make a bit of money in the process.

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat – here’s how to make sure your energy consumption stays trim!

Get your home squeaky clean the eco-friendly way.

Reducing your energy consumption – and saving on bills – doesn’t have to be complicated.

From leaving the heating on all day to relying on a screen saver to save energy – how many of these common energy saving myths have you fallen for?

With carbon emissions from heat up for the second consecutive year in the UK, we urgently need alternative heating sources. So how do we switch from fossil fuel reliance to renewable energy heat?

Air source heat pump external view

Grants of £5,000 are now available for people wanting to replace their oil and gas boilers with heating systems that don’t rely on fossil fuels. 

Domestic radiator

As of April 2022, the UK Government’s new £5k grants for heat pumps are available in England and Wales. Take-up should hopefully be huge. With energy prices soaring, the rush to ditch gas boilers and move to eco-friendly heat pumps is on. To get your home ready, preparation is key.

Man installing wall insulation - photo by Michael Baird

The issue of rising gas prices has dominated the news for many months and the energy crisis is not going away. The UK’s biggest energy supplier, Centrica, has said that soaring energy prices could last up to two years but we are not powerless. Energy efficiency measures save fuel, cut energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rolls of insulation

One Home’s Founder Angela Terry on Channel 5

As the energy and linked cost-of-living crises rage on, One Home’s founder, environmental scientist Angela Terry, was the featured expert in an item on home energy efficiency on 5 News.

The new scheme is designed to help homeowners replace their gas boilers with a more eco-friendly alternative

Rising gas prices and how you can reduce your energy bills at home

How to insulate your Home so all rooms are warm and cosy

Everyone likes a warm, cosy home but how can you make your house warmer without paying a fortune for gas and electricity?

Radiators, storage heaters, gas fires… what’s the best way to heat your home workspace?

The latest information on the Government’s Green Homes Grant for insulation and low carbon heating in England.

No mess, no disruption, just lower heating bills and a warmer home.

The government is making millions available to homeowners looking to improve their properties.

Making sure your home is properly insulated is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption, and it could knock a big chunk off your energy bills, too. Here’s how much you could stand to save.

cat on a radiator heating home

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: the financial and environmental benefits of a regular boiler service.

House in the snow

Top tips to stay warm at home, reduce your energy bills and cut carbon.

Hunter wood burning stove in living room

Not all wood stoves are created equal and it is good to know that some wood stove manufacturers have been working hard to not only improve the aesthetic appeal of their products, but to reduce the impact caused by particulate emissions.

The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are extremely popular and a real positive feature for any room.

Reduce Gas Bills by Insulating Your Home

By insulating our homes, we reduce the demand for energy and burn less fuel, which helps combat climate change and protects the planet.

How to Choose the Best Fire Wood for Log Burners

Human dependence and fascination with burning wood can be traced all the way back to early humans but there is a real art to a good fire

Couple sitting outside bungalow with solar panels on roof

Solar power is the most popular form of energy generation with public support at an amazing 87%.

How to profit from sunshine with solar power

Solar power can make you money from daylight, which is free for everyone.

Benefits of Solar Power: Free Electricity from the Sun

Long summer days are the perfect time to get the most out of solar panels. And over the last 25 years the cost of installing them has dramatically reduced. As a result, solar power is the world's fastest growing energy source.

Around 90% of customers in the UK are with one of the “Big Six” energy suppliers and a third of all customers are on a standard variable tariff. This is an indefinite contract and the most expensive way possible to buy the exact same gas and electricity that everyone else is using.

Switching to a green energy supplier is a great step you can take to tackle climate change, and it could benefit your budget too. It really couldn’t be simpler and with new advances in green energy innovation, there are plenty of providers to choose from. Here’s how.

Smart Homes to cut electricity bills

We live in an increasingly smart world where gadgets can talk to each other and even talk to us, so electricity is essential to power these devices.

Solar Water Heaters: Producing Hot water from the sun

Did you know that you can use the power of the sun to heat water for your home with a solar water heater?

Lighting accounts for 20% of all the energy consumption in the UK and there’s increasing talk about LED bulbs these days. So what is it about LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes, if you want their full name!) that makes them such an all-round good option?

Flooded home interior

Check, Prepare, Act to keep you and your loved ones safe from flooding

In 2020, Christmas was a total washout for many people, when floods arrived only 2-days days before Christmas day.

Minimum effort, maximum conservation.

What you need to do to repair and rebuild.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how a variety of free gadgets can help you save water.

Climate change means the UK is wetter than ever before. With severe weather warnings predicted now and for the foreseeable future, here’s how to guard against the increasingly likely risk of floods.

WRAP’s latest recycling report shows that the UK is making steady improvements – but there’s still work to be done.

What happens to your waste once you’ve done your bit?


Make the most of your valuable waste materials by recycling as much as possible

The myths versus the reality of owning an electric car

The vehicle of tomorrow doesn’t have to cost a fortune today.

How the travel industry could deliver greener transport

Everything you need to know about electric scooters and the UK’s stance on them.

The vehicle of tomorrow don’t need to cost a fortune today.

Sports utility vehicles are now the second biggest contributor to global emissions increases.

cars and fumes in traffic jam

Getting from A to B in a petrol or diesel car comes with a high price for us and the planet.

traffic jam in a city

As London implements an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), we celebrate a great step forwards in the fight to bring clean air to our cities and take polluting vehicles off our streets.

People walking in a busy High Street

With initiatives like ULEZ in London happening now, this is a unique moment to set ambitious plans for clean air zones and plan city centres so that citizens and not cars, are the priority. Encouraging more active travel including walking and cycling, as well as public transport and electric cars, benefits everyone both financially and with improved wellbeing. 

How to afford an electric car

For cars, the future is electric. With the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles banned from 2030, the demand for electric cars is booming. Sales recently reached a record high. Given that transport is the single biggest source of UK emissions, this is heartening news. The only problem is that electric vehicles (EVs) tend to cost more to buy than cars with conventional combustion engines. So how can you afford one?

Hybrid cars are billed as an environmentally-friendly stepping stone towards cleaner travel, but are they as green as they seem?

An ever-growing charging infrastructure means owning an electric vehicle is becoming increasingly feasible, no matter where you live.

Audi e-tron electric car

Electric cars are the future of motoring. They are clean, fast and cheaper to run compared with petrol and diesel models.

The range of many models is over 200 miles and there are more charging locations than petrol stations so there is no longer any reason to delay in switching to an electric vehicle (EV).

Blue Renault Zoe electric car

Having just bought her first electric car, writer Alison Fogg says the 100% electric Zoe is amazing.

Here's the inside track on her experience. Plus her top tips for what car showrooms could do to promote clean technology.

Full Supercharger Tesla service station

A Tesla owners account of volunteering at the first major electric car show in the UK: Fully Charged Live

Jon Launder with a Tesla electric car

Why are electric car owners so passionate about electric vehicles?

In this guest blog, Jon Launder discusses his first experience of owning a Tesla including how easy it was to charge on the super highway, using auto pilot feature and how he feels about running his car from solar power.

Tesla electric vehicle at Fully Charged Live 2018

Written by Alison Fogg, Clean Technology Consultant

Financial and Performance Benefits of Electric Cars

There are many fantastic reasons to buy an electric car not least because they are the future of motoring.

Explaining why All Electric Cars Are Better than Hybrids

From electric cars to hybrid plug-in electric vehicles, motoring is changing for good.

7 Reasons to Buy Electric Cars

There are many reasons to switch to an electric vehicle (EV), whether it's a pure electric car or a hybrid plug-in electric vehicle. Not only do these newer cars have faster performance, they're also cheaper to run and cleaner.

Sue Amiel lives in Bristol with her husband Gaby and two children, Elodie (7) and Gabriel (4). Earlier this year, they bought an electric bike that could carry both children in tandem. Here, Sue tells us how it has transformed the way they travel around the city.

It’s looking pretty certain that electric vehicles are the future of transport and prices keep falling. But right now, the cost of a new car is out of many people’s reach. So what if you could get around quickly and easily, without shelling out for a new car, and without the hassle of finding a parking space? Enter: the electric bike.

People cycling in town

Everyone is aware of the many health benefits of cycling and would like to do a bit more. But sometimes habits and inertia prevent us from hopping on our bikes.

Maximum camping fun with minimal environmental impact.

With pandemic restrictions easing, the UK has seen a rush on domestic holiday accommodation. But forget high prices and limited choice, a house swap could be the answer to your hopes for a summer holiday booking this year

Get away closer to home.

Adventures await by rail and sea.

The Eden Project, Cornwall

Forget packed amusement parks and overhyped tourist attractions. These destinations make for an altogether more inspirational – and sustainable – family day out.

Giving up air travel is a positive step to reducing your carbon footprint. But it doesn’t have to mean giving up travelling or never going abroad. In fact, flight-free travel can turn getting around into an adventure all of its own, says complementary therapist and charity worker Linda Jones, who shares her account of travelling to Malta by train. 

Swapping your long haul flight for a UK forest holiday could hold the key to a truly relaxing break. So, instead of joining the queues at Heathrow, why not stay closer to home, tap into nature, and take a deep, calming breath for your next break?

Fab No-fly holidays Ideas for Great Britain and Beyond

Why are Holidays Close to Home the Best?

Visiting Great Britain and taking holidays close to home provides an opportunity to explore one of the most varied and captivating landscapes in the world and as a special bonus, completely removes the need to fly. 

It’s good for you and the environment.

Jubilee Union Flag bunting

Go green for the Queen! The nation’s gearing up for the Platinum Jubilee festivities on the special Bank Holiday weekend. Set to be a right royal knees-up, street parties will take place the length and breadth of the UK. But have you considered the environment when organising your event? After all, Her Majesty herself broke with tradition to say how “irritated” she is by people talking about climate action while not taking it – so it makes sense to consider the planet when celebrating 70 years of her reign.

Happy Green New Year

Seven things you can do to reduce pollution and tackle climate change

We’re approaching that time of year again, when we all start to think about what the New Year might hold and the resolutions we can make.

Woman sitting at a computer

Here are the best apps and websites for measuring your carbon footprint.

We all want to be taking steps to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start or know what can you do that will make the most impact?

Make your Insta feed a little more eco-friendly

You can (and should) wear them more than once!

Top tips for beating the heat.

Join the refill revolution with an easy sustainable swap.

Top tips for washing clothes without polluting the planet

Easy changes for maximum positive impact.

Enjoy the great outdoors by showing it the respect it deserves.

Showing the planet you care helps to mitigate some major public health challenges.

Celebrating International Women's Day with the pioneering names tackling climate change.

Because no-one wants to give up chocolate.

Keep little ones occupied with fun, sustainable activities throughout the changing season.

Tips and advice for making the heart of your home more environmentally-friendly.

A big initiative pushing for big climate action.

Reduce your energy consumption and save on bills even when the sun is shining.

April is National Pet Month, so here are five ways to make sure your furry companion is as kind to the environment as you are.

From Japan’s plastic addiction to seed bomb-deploying drones, these fantastic long reads paint a fascinating picture of our changing climate.

How to make a difference without making an effort.

Have a breather while they’re busy learning about the environment.

Have fun and help the planet? It’s a no-brainer.

It’s not just about getting rid of stuff, it’s about changing your mindset towards it.

Because no-one really wants to give up chocolate.

Show your significant other and the planet a little love this February 14th.

According to a recent survey in The Sun, three quarters more of us are concerned about our effect on the environment than we were in 2014. Here are 20 things you can do in 2020 to reduce your impact.

Because no-one really wants to give up chocolate.

Get clued up on climate issues without leaving your sofa.

Our long-standing November tradition of fireworks and bonfires is having a damaging impact on people, pets and the planet.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: the benefits of buying food locally.

Have a frightfully fun time without taking a terrifying toll on the environment.

Hands in a circle

There’s strength in numbers when it comes to protecting the planet.

Enjoy the outdoors with these Eco Gadgets

Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving a footprint.

Toilet paper on roll

Every week we bring you a new, simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week, we look at the environmental impact of toilet paper, and the easy switch you can make to reduce it.

'Cool' - family with sparklers

Many of us struggle in a heat wave. And as temperatures rise across Europe, knowing how to stay cool in warm weather is increasingly important. 

Yellow and green front doors

Top ten tips on how to have a green home and reduce your impact on the planet.

If you want to put the planet at the heart of your Resolutions this year, and go green in 2019, here are 10 lifestyle actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

Wind farm

From heatwaves and droughts to super storms and floods, the weather has given many of us reason to pause for thought.

Wind turbines in the sea at an off shore wind farm

Saving money and helping protect the planet

With all the news that energy companies are having to increase their prices to cover increasing wholesale costs, are there easy ways that we can all reduce our energy costs and create a sustainable future?

Baby splashing in plastic tub

As record breaking summer weather continues, reduced rainfall and unprecedented demand for water means that water shortages and hose pipe bans are occurring across the UK.

Why waste, such as plastic pollution, is Rubbish

Do we live in a throw away society? Do you personally have a waste mentality? If so how can we ditch this habit?

Chocolate bar

The UK is a nation of chocolate lovers, with the average Brit estimated to consume 7560 chocolate bars in their lifetime! But did you know that choosing the right chocolate bars can help protect the environment and be guilt free?

Two brown and white cows in a field

Veganism is on the rise. Over a half a million people signed up to Veganuary last year and even more are expected to do so this year. Many people cite the environment as a key motivation for cutting animal products. But is eating plant-based really all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to the planet?

Forget the misconceptions around plant-based diets, here’s why less meat and dairy is better for you.

There has never been more choice when it comes to dairy-free milk options, but some are kinder to the climate than others

Is organic food better for you and does it cost more?

The diets we’re used to will be impacted dramatically if climate change goes unchecked.

Grill green.

Green cooking tips and tricks that make meal prep more sustainable and energy efficient.

Organic food

Denmark’s cows honour organic food by dancing (yes, really).

Low carbon diet

Eat well for the planet – and your health.

You’ve heard of low-carb diets, but what about a low carbon diet? Thanks to intensive agriculture, crop farming, livestock management, packaging and logistics, the food system is responsible for a third of all global greenhouse emissions.

Plastic Free July is a challenge that started in Australia but is now spreading all over the world as we struggle to contain our containers and banish our overwhelming plastic waste. So it’s a great time to pledge against plastic - and what better place to start than with the humble drinking bottle?

With the UK government declaring a climate emergency, more of us than ever are looking for ways to cut down our greenhouse gas emissions. So, why not give some plant-based alternatives a try this week?

The benefits of buying local, seasonal and sustainable food

Here are nine key benefits of buying local, seasonal and sustainable food.

How to Reduce Meat Consumption and Food Waste

By making smart choices about the food we buy and put on our plate we can literally stop food costing the earth! Agriculture is responsible for around 30% of global carbon emissions.

Dad and son

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday the 19th of June. Spoil your dad with a sustainable gift and make a positive choice for the planet. If he’s a foodie, tech-lover or fitness fanatic, there are so many options when it comes to green gifting. It’ll make you feel good and put a smile on his face. Plus, it could save you money!

Colourful chocolate eggs at Easter

Greening up your Easter celebrations is easy. You’ll have just as much fun – and save money! It’s all about making considered decisions when it comes to buying chocolate eggs, feeding your family and planning how you spend time together over the long weekend.

Picture of mother and daughter

You can spoil your mum without driving up your carbon emissions. Mother Earth will thank you for it! Here are some ideas:

Green rubber gloves

Too many of the everyday cleaning products in our cupboards are bad for the planet – and us!  Thankfully, you can make your home sparkle using effective, natural cleaning products.

They will also save you money and protect your children and pets from toxins that enter our waterways and harm wildlife and our health.

Colourful jumpers on a rail

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries out there. It creates up to 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s significantly more than all aviation and shipping emissions combined.

Here’s how to make Santa’s treats a more eco-friendly part of their Christmas haul

Get your kids ready for school in a greener way.

Beautiful flowers without the carbon cost

The trainer brands that are taking their carbon footprint seriously

Treats for your mother and Mother Nature alike.

Is your favourite festive selection box on Santa’s naughty list?

Your loved ones will never be able to tell that their gifts aren’t brand new!

Because a biscuit variety tin won’t cut it for the office this year.

Simple swaps and hacks to minimise the environmental impact of the festive season.

Making the right choice can help you save big on your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

Give conscientiously.

Because not everyone has time to make gifts from scratch.

How to care for your skin and the planet – beauty regimes that don’t cost the Earth.

The High Street and sustainability are not always the most obvious pairing. But while searching out the niche sustainable companies is great, it can be time consuming. Fortunately there are companies on the high street working to bring down their carbon footprint, sort out their supply chains, and work towards making every garment ‘green’. 

Father’s Day is on 16 June - time to let Dad know he’s loved and appreciated. But this year, why not spoil Dad without spoiling the planet? Here’s our rundown of the best eco gifts for Dads in 2019.

When David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 showed us the harm plastic pollution was causing our oceans, more than two thirds of us said we’d reduce our plastic waste. But how do we go about making real changes? 

Sustainable fashion aims to help solve the many ways the fashion industry is damaging the environment. From the pesticides and toxins from producing fibres, to greenhouse gases caused by clothing in landfill, the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s time to change.

The government has made the shock decision to slash two popular green initiatives.

How to save money at home by being eco-friendly.

Make sure your pension scheme supports a sustainable future.

Go green and save big with small changes.

The bank accounts and investments you choose can have a significant impact on climate change.

Five simple energy-saving tweaks that could free up a lot of spare Christmas cash.

Wild garden shed

The UK has over 23 million gardens, accounting for around 4,440km2 of land. That’s more than a fifth of the size of Wales. If we all did our best to green our gardens, we could really do something to help all the British wildlife vulnerable to extinction – as well as lower our carbon emissions.

What’s more, gardening’s not just good for the planet, it’s scientifically-proven to be good for your health and wellbeing too. Getting back to nature is a win all-round.

How to enjoy your outside space while respecting the environment.

Get some fresh air, exercise and a garden ready for the sunshine.

Planting a tree is one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact on the environment.

Sunflower head

Summer gardening tips for hot weather.

Green gardening tips

If you wish to create a haven for you and wildlife, then our top tips for green gardening are for you. 

A little swap can make a big difference to reduce plastic pollution.

Do One Thing is a regular series where we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. The latest instalment: why now’s the perfect time to donate your unused bike to someone who needs it.

Do One Thing is a regular series where we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. The latest instalment: how to give birds a happy home in your garden.

Do One Thing is a regular series where we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. The latest instalment: why it’s important to calculate your carbon footprint.

Do One Thing is a regular series where we bring you a simple idea for reducing your impact on the planet. The latest instalment: how to lobby your MP to take action on climate change.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how to enjoy nature while observing social distancing guidelines.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: why it’s important to make a sustainable chocolate choice this Easter.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: creating a delicious meal from leftovers and scraps you might otherwise throw in the bin.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: get to grips with your local public transport system.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: make the switch to a more eco-friendly sanitary brand with plastic-free products, organic tampons and reusable pads.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how switching to cloth nappies can save money and waste.

Save money, save waste and never run out of batteries again.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how a few quick tricks can make your radiators a lot more efficient.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how donating a small amount of your spare time to a green cause can benefit the environment.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how making a few changes to the way you use your appliances can reduce your carbon footprint.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how a few simple draught-proofing measures can lower your energy bills while keeping your home warm and cosy.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how turning appliances off at the wall socket saves energy and money.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: why joining a car share club is good news for your wallet and the planet.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how planting a tree is one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact on the environment.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how a bit of simple vehicle maintenance can reduce your car’s environmental impact.

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how to start a compost pile (and what to do if you don’t have a garden).

Beacon litter

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: the benefits of litter picking for you and your neighbourhood.

Bicycle in great condition

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: making sure your bicycle is in tip top condition.

Own grown vegetables in a barrow

Every week we bring you a new, simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week, we look at the many benefits of growing your own veg.

Visit a charity shop

Every week we bring you a new, simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week, we look at the benefits of a little retail therapy, charity shop style.

Bee on flower image

Every week we bring you a new, simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. In the first of this series, we look at five easy steps you can take to help bees thrive in your outdoor space.

People sitting on the shoreline

And how can these plans help you assess the risk from climate change of living by or relocating to the coast?

Onshore wind farm

As a small island situated between the Atlantic and the North Sea, the UK has lots of natural wind. Not just a plentiful resource, energy from the wind is green, clean – and cheap.

Traffic on a UK motorway

“It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, oceans and land” - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 6th Assessment Report, 2021

Tall tree

As a complex problem, the climate crisis will require many solutions. While there is no silver bullet, it is widely accepted that stopping burning fossil fuels is the number one priority. However, planting lots more trees is essential.

Global warming

What is this new IPCC report?

We are at the most critical moment in human history. Billions of people around the world – including in the UK –  are already suffering because of the climate crisis and many of its impacts are already ‘irreversible’. We have a short window in which to tackle the worst of it.

The climate fight isn’t just about focusing on the bad stuff – good news stories help us have hope that we can keep warming below 2°C

How can you find a career that tackles climate change?

A few hours’ learning will help you tackle the biggest issue of our time – our changing planet

Scientists have issued a ‘code red’ for humanity.

The booming virtual currency is having a serious impact on the real world.

There are much more climate-friendly alternatives to help your garden grow.

Sand dunes will be an important line of defence against rising sea levels, so they need to be protected.

Hidden treasure, underwater waterfalls, spooky sounds and a whole lot of life – the ocean is a thriving wonderland.

The key lessons that will help us better mitigate climate change

The top websites breaking down the big business of climate change in a child-friendly way.

From hosepipe bans to an increased cost of living, climate change will affect everyday life in many different ways.

Pandemic restrictions due to Covid-19 have had a direct benefit on the environment, but for how long?

Forests are critical for the health of both people and planet – here’s how you can do your bit to look after them.

Everything you need to know about the most important global climate change summit ever.

 A warmer climate means warmer seas, and that has a devastating impact on people and the planet.

A lack of food and water, disrupted habitats and increased disease are just some of the consequences of climate change for wildlife.

Fighting the good fight for the planet isn’t just about focusing on the bad stuff – celebrating and reflecting on successes is vital for our wellbeing.

You can #CountUsIn.

Climate Assembly UK’s new report illustrates what regular people think about how to combat climate change from the way we travel to what we eat.

A new book might have you thinking twice before sending that pointless email.

The companies that thought they could get away with misleading environmental claims and many that still do.

Last year set a number of new climate records – and it’s no cause for celebration.

Can we pay our way out of climate change?

Climate change is one of the biggest crises facing humanity. This is what’s causing it.

Your at-a-glance guide to the key players tackling the climate crisis in the UK.

Don’t let worrying about climate change damage your health.


Make a difference with even the most minimal effort.

Want to make a difference to climate change? Our handy infographic is full of great ideas to get you started.

Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world, and they need to be protected.

It’s not all been doom and gloom.

If the climate emergency matters to you, raise your voice and lower your carbon footprint

Ozone hole

Repairing the ozone hole - the environmental success story that gives hope for climate change

Palm oil Orangutan

Palm oil may well be one of the most problematic ingredients in the supermarket – so why is it so popular?

School strike group

Friday 20th September 2019 will see more than 100 climate strikes taking place around the UK, urging the government to take action on climate change. Here’s how to get involved.

What are UK councils doing to tackle climate change?

While some are dragging their heels, other councils are really pushing for drastic change.

Talking to your kids about climate change

The next generation will face massive environmental challenges through no fault of their own, but how can we prepare kids for climate change without scaring them?

Amazon rainforest on fire

Here’s what you need to know about the fires raging through Brazil.

A baffling array of plastics in the supermarket aisle.

Find out how your favourite supermarket fares when it comes to problematic plastic packaging.

Why we all need to prepare for floods and droughts here in the UK

When you’re looking out at heavy rain, it’s difficult to imagine drought as an issue in the UK. So the statistic that there is less fresh water per person in the South East of England than there is per person in Morocco is quite shocking.

At One Home we absolutely believe in the power and resources of individual people to tackle climate change and help secure a better future for our children. So who better to ask for recommendations on good reads on the issue than our brilliant One Home community?

Great news hit the headlines when our new YouGov poll showed a record number of Brits want to take action on climate change. Even more impressively, we’re willing to pay more taxes to see that happen. But that's not the only bit of good news.

Cara standing in floodwater in the Somerset Levels

Cara Naden works for Zero Carbon World. An environmentalist with a passion for “clean air, healthy homes, circular economy & nature”, here she explains what it’s like living with the devastating effects of climate change.

Newspaper board - Students strike over climate change

"Is climate change real?"

Recently I was asked this question. It seems strange that people are still asking this when we see evidence of it all around us.

Flooded town

The very real cost of floods

Flooding events such as those in Winter 2015/16, have challenged all aspects of industry.

UN Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake

The Global Climate Action Summit took place in San Francisco in September. 

Fossil Fuels Cause Global Warming: Renewables are Crucial

Global Warming is not cool. In fact it’s the very opposite of cool. The impacts and challenges of global warming are unprecedented.

The Many Benefits of Community Renewable Energy Schemes

It is difficult to believe that in 2018, hundreds of thousands of households must choose between spending money on heating or eating.

Impacts of Climate Change in the UK

The Impacts of Climate Change are already being felt around the world but also right here in the UK.

Check if your home or business is at risk from floods

Stop! Floods

Is my house at risk of flooding? With one in six homes at risk, yours may well be. Find out if you are and what you can do about it. 

How to make your home or business resilient to floods

In this article we describe how best to stop your home from flooding and measures to make your home more resilient should it flood in the future.

Neil Thorns

Director of Advocacy and Communications at CAFOD and Chair of the Climate Coalition which has 120 organisations with 15 million members.

Crew installing solar panels

How small and medium-sized businesses can cut their greenhouse gas emissions

Businesses CAN go green and still be successful. And now’s the time for businesses to lead the way in cutting their carbon footprint and getting the UK to Net Zero emissions before 2050. Vicky Murray has been Sustainability Manager at Pukka Herbs for two years. Here she describes Pukka’s journey to reducing its carbon, and gives her top tips on setting carbon targets.

We have just 11 years for governments, businesses and communities to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a massive 45%. Yet in 2018, global carbon emissions increased by 2.7%. Here in the UK, greenhouse gas emission reductions stalled in many areas including the business sector. There is no avoiding this issue. We have to ramp up climate action drastically to stay within safe levels of warming. So, is your business ready for the changing climate?

Use this portal to discover the fantastic things that great people are already doing in your neighbourhood. This is a list of national organisations which enable you to search their websites for local groups, service providers or qualified people near you.

Simply look up the relevant subject from the subject menu on the right-hand side and find an organisation of interest. Then enter your postcode on their website to find the nearest company or group that can help you.  For example, there are groups to help you find an installer to fit solar panels on your home, or plan a journey without a car.

Finally, if you know of any great groups or initiatives that are missing from the list please drop us a line. With your support we can create the zero-carbon world we urgently need.

Find a Transition initiative near you:

Find a Friends of the Earth Group in your community:

Chimneys need to be swept at least once a year if burning wood.

The Home Energy Saving Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 if you are in England or Wales.

If you are based in Scotland, call Home Energy Scotland on: 0808 808 2282.

If you are in Northern Ireland, please call 0800 1422 865.

The National Insulation Association (NIA) has a list of approved installers. The NIA postcode locator tool is at the top of their website:

There might already be a community energy group nearby you could team up with. Have a look at the membership lists for Community Energy England, Community Energy Wales or Community Energy Scotland.

If there isn't a renewable energy group near you and you are interested in setting one up, the Community Energy Resource Hub has lots of information on technology, models and finance that is free to use to kick start your plans.

A fascinating map of all renewable energy projects in the UK over 1MW is available through My Grid GB broken down by technology. There would be millions if every renewable energy project was listed hence the one mega watt and above criteria for inclusion. However, people with renewables are the most evangelical supports so if you ask politely many organisations will happily show you around their installation.

To install a wood stove suppliers need to be approved by HETAS.

Installers registered under the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) can fit solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, biomass boilers, micro CHP or wind turbines for your home or business.  To find an MCS installer in your area please search

Map of Sustainable Restaurant Association Members:

Organic Food search from the Soil Association, including shops, veg box schemes and restaurants.

How Polluted is Your Street?  Check the air quality in your neighbourhood via this BBC website.

Car clubs available in major cities so you can be free of car ownership and also try out electric car models. 

The location of charging stations for electric cars are listed on publicly available map,

The National Cycle Network is a series of traffic-free paths and quiet, on-road cycling and walking routes, that connect to every major town and city managed by the great folks at Sustrans.

National Flood Forum can support in setting up a local Flood Action Group if your community is at risk of flooding.


Sign up for free flood alerts from the Environment Agency for your home or business

The Floodline telephone number is 0345 988 1188

Northern Ireland:

Flood risk, preparation and what to do in an emergency:  NI Direct - Flooding in your area


Live flood warnings, flood risk maps etc:  Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Support for community action groups, and much more: The Scottish Flood Forum


Live flood warnings and river levels, flood warning messages and other information:  Natural Resources Wales

Free water saving products are available from your local water company: Find yours here.

The Red Cross supports communities by providing emergency response volunteers to incidents such as floods or fire. To find out more about volunteering in your neighbourhood please visit

The Climate Change Coalition runs events to raise awareness of climate change and speak to your MP.

Climate change is an issue that can only be fixed by political support. To discuss your thoughts with your MP is an excellent idea: To find your MP visit:


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