As a charity, we were established to fill a critical communications gap: an awareness campaign promoting practical climate mitigation and adaptation solutions to the public. Research shows that British citizens are ready to act on climate but aren’t sure what to do. One Home cuts through the noise and provides a single source of authoritative information.

We are the UK’s first ‘one-stop shop’ on climate action. With a unique ability to explain complex issues in inclusive, accessible language, we provide independent, evidence-based, practical advice. Our focus is on people’s homes, lifestyles and modes of travel – as research shows that 63% of the UK’s carbon reductions need to come from behaviour change in these areas.

Our Founder and CEO, environmental scientist Angela Terry MSc MEI, specialises in explaining complex science and energy issues in ways that everyone can understand. Scientists are the most trusted sources of information on climate change for the public.

The people must know before they can act and there is no educator to compare with the press”


We have achieved a huge amount since our launch in 2018 and we have an impact way beyond our size. Some of our highlights are listed below. Please contact us if would you like to find out more about our work. 

We urgently need to cut carbon emissions and increase renewable energy, energy efficiency and home insulation. We are also experiencing extreme weather events at unprecedented rates and adapting to these changes reduces both financial losses and human harm. This is why One Home’s trailblazing work on engaging the public on climate action is essential.

Working with the media is integral to what we do. It’s the best way to influence widespread behaviour change, which is fundamental to the success of our net zero targets and increasing resilience to extreme weather events. Maintaining a drum beat of regular media coverage on climate topics is the most effective method to increase awareness of green lifestyle benefits.

We achieve phenomenal media coverage in broadcast and print media with a reach of over half a billion in just four years. Our media work has helped to shape government policy on investing in flood and coastal erosion risk. We have also partnered with government departments to get climate messages across and we deliver climate training to journalists. For an example of our impact, working with One Home, The Sun’s Green Week won National Campaign of the Year in the News Media Association’s Making A Difference Awards 2021. Angela appears regularly on TV and radio shows, such as Newsnight and LBC and writes a weekly column called Going Green that appears in print or online in 172 regional and local papers. One Home also appears in top Google searches helping to answer questions from how to insulate my home to how to buy second hand gifts.

TV can play a pivotal role in encouraging consumers to decarbonise. Topics like the weather, holidays, cars and food in dramas and soaps are a huge opportunity to promote climate actions. Angela has run climate workshops for producers and scriptwriters of major dramas and soaps, worked with the team behind Eastenders and encouraged Gogglebox to include a climate related clip.

We advise and work with powerful public, private and third sector organisations to hasten the move to a green economy. Angela regularly appears at events as a motivational speaker, including to audiences of government departments, charities and banks. Please contact us (see below) to find out more.

For example, in March 2022, Angela provided evidence to the peers forming the House of Lords’ Committee on Climate Change and the Environment, to explore how public behaviour change can help achieve net-zero. The Rt. Rev the Lord Bishop of Oxford described her contribution as: “Really helpful and inspiring”.

The Committee’s report was published in October 2022 and cited many of One Home’s contributions.

One Home was also a founding partner of the unprecedented global citizens’ initiative Count Us In. This campaign has 78 partners – including IKEA, the Scout movement, Tottenham Hotspur FC and The United Nations. It works to create the largest community ever to tackle climate change. One Home managed the global media launch, including BBC World News interviews, a feature in The Guardian and a week of coverage in The Sun, as well articles in the US and India.

What are people saying about One Home?

Angela Terry has been an invaluable source of knowledge, information and inspiration to NatWest Group over the last few years. Angela’s expertise and passion for climate and environmental issues has informed and supported a number of our green homes projects and campaigns within NatWest Group, as well as inspired us to take our own action. We’re grateful to Angela for her support and look forward to continue to work with her and the rest of the One Home team.

Katherine Annand – Climate Lead, Retail Banking, NatWest

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Please contact us to find out more about what we do and the impact we have. We are keen to collaborate with other organisations in any way that will accelerate the transition to net zero and help UK households adapt to a low cost, low carbon lifestyle.