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Ditch the sandbags: expert tips on how to protect your home and business from flooding in a wetter winter

As Storm Arwen approaches, the Met Office is warning of a wetter winter into January and February 2022. This will almost certainly lead to flooding of homes and businesses. Angela Terry, environmental scientist and founder of onehome.org said: “Floods can be devastating costing lives and destroying property. They are also tricky to predict. But there are steps which home and business owners and renters can take to limit the impact of rising water. 
Angela Terry 2 Dec 2021 3 min read
Storm clouds

How to prepare for flooding

Climate change means the UK is wetter than ever before. With severe weather warnings predicted now and for the foreseeable future, here’s how to guard against the increasingly likely risk of floods.
Rachel England 18 Oct 2019 4 min read