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Angela Terry, founder of One Home

Climate Change is here now.  Choices we make every day affect our planet.  One Home is full of ideas to help you make informed decisions that will benefit you and also have a positive impact on the world around us.  We want to empower you to cut your carbon pollution, prepare for extreme weather events and save money.  One Home exists to support you in making lifestyle changes that will help protect the things you love.

Angela Terry, Environmental Scientist and Founder of One Home

  • How to have a truly green garden

    The UK has over 23 million gardens, accounting for around 4,440km2 of land. That’s more than a fifth of the size of Wales. If we all did our best to green our gardens, we could really do something to help all the British wildlife vulnerable to extinction – as well as lower our carbon emissions. What’s more, gardening’s not just good for the planet, it’s scientifically-proven to be good for your health and wellbeing too. Getting back to nature is a win all-round.
  • Eco-friendly gifts for your dad this Father’s Day

    It’s Father’s Day on Sunday the 19th of June. Spoil your dad with a sustainable gift and make a positive choice for the planet. If he’s a foodie, tech-lover or fitness fanatic, there are so many options when it comes to green gifting. It’ll make you feel good and put a smile on his face. Plus, it could save you money!
  • What are Shoreline Management Plans

    And how can these plans help you assess the risk from climate change of living by or relocating to the coast?
  • Making the switch from gas boiler to air source heat pump

    Grants of £5,000 are now available for people wanting to replace their oil and gas boilers with heating systems that don’t rely on fossil fuels. 
  • How to make your Platinum Jubilee street party more eco-friendly

    Go green for the Queen! The nation’s gearing up for the Platinum Jubilee festivities on the special Bank Holiday weekend. Set to be a right royal knees-up, street parties will take place the length and breadth of the UK. But have you considered the environment when organising your event? After all, Her Majesty herself broke with tradition to say how “irritated” she is by people talking about climate action while not taking it – so it makes sense to consider the planet when celebrating 70 years of her reign.
  • How to afford an electric car

    For cars, the future is electric. With the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles banned from 2030, the demand for electric cars is booming. Sales recently reached a record high. Given that transport is the single biggest source of UK emissions, this is heartening news. The only problem is that electric vehicles (EVs) tend to cost more to buy than cars with conventional combustion engines. So how can you afford one?

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