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The majority of people support climate action no matter their age or income. Our decisions make a difference. UN scientists state that changes driven by us, consumers, in terms of diet, food waste and switching to low carbon transport can achieve significant cuts in emissions from many sectors.

Discover how one decision you make today can help protect our One Home.

The Big Loft Insulation Drive

The Big Loft Insulation Drive will help you love your loft and save money. Up to eight million households in Britain are losing hundreds of pounds a year in heating bills because their lofts are not adequately insulated. Installing loft insulation is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Loft insulation is quicker and cheaper to install than many people think and pays back in under two years #KeepTheHeat

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Collapsing cliffs: English seaside communities under threat from climate change

Climate change and sea level rise are causing England’s coast to erode faster than before. Our collapsing coastal cliffs mean thousands of homes are at risk of falling into the sea by the end of the century, and there is no insurance or compensation scheme available for those impacted.

We have created an interactive map to highlight the 21 English communities most at risk from coastal erosion by the end of the century. The interactive tool also highlights the Shoreline Management Plans and policies for sea defences for most of the English coastline. Use our resources to understand your risks better, plan ahead, and raise awareness of climate change impacts on the coast.

Angela Terry – One Home Founder and CEO

“Climate Change is here now. Choices we make every day have an impact. One Home is full of ideas to help you make informed decisions that will benefit you and have a positive impact on the world around us. We want to empower you to cut your carbon footprint, adapt to extreme weather events, and as the cost of living is soaring, save money. One Home exists to support you in making lifestyle changes that will help protect the things we love”

Angela Terry, Environmental Scientist and Founder of One Home

One Home in the media

One Home features regularly in news outlets including the BBC, Sky TV, LBC and across national print and digital news titles.

Founder and Chief Executive Angela Terry is an environmental scientist and a trusted voice on climate change, low carbon lifestyles and energy saving.

If you are a journalist see our Press Office for contact details.

What are people saying about One Home?

“One Home offers citizens an opportunity to assess their lifestyle choices and make positive changes for the benefit of both people and the planet. I applaud this initiative – it will inform and empower people, motivating them to support clean energy and reduce fossil fuel consumption.”

Sir David King – Head of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group
Sir David King

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