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One Home founder and Chief Executive Angela Terry is a trusted commentator on the environment and energy-saving issues, across the media.

She regularly appears on BBC News, BBC Worldwide, Sky News, LBC, Channel 5 News and BBC Radio 5 Live. She has written opinion and “how to” pieces in the national press and has a regular column Going Green which is published across all National World regional titles including the Yorkshire Post and The Scotsman.

Angela, an environmental scientist and consumer expert, has 20 years’ experience working in the renewables sector and was the first woman to manage the building of a community wind farm in the UK.

She is excellent at explaining complex science and energy issues, making them accessible to all audiences.

Angela founded One Home in 2018 to help the public understand climate change and explain how to save money by reducing their carbon footprints.

Angela has a breadth of knowledge and One Home has a wealth of resources. Please contact our press team for further information.

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For national and regional press enquiries:

Sam Carlisle: 07850 111213


For South West regional media:

Sue Amiel



Topics Angela has discussed in the media include

  • Household energy saving tips
  • Why and how to insulate homes to save hundreds on energy bills
  • Tech that helps you cut energy bills
  • Heat pumps
  • How to reduce food waste
  • How to save water around your home
  • What climate change means for Britain
  • Extreme weather
  • The impact of flooding and what home owners/renters can do to protect their properties.
  • Building on flood plains
  • Heatwaves and drought
  • The move to electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support drivers
  • Fuel prices
  • Low emission traffic zones
  • The geopolitical background to climate change, including the impact of reliance on Russia
  • Government green policy
  • Fracking
  • Coastal erosion
  • The achievements of COP27 and forthcoming COP28

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Man laying loft insulation

Climate Change Facts

There is no doubt the effects of human-induced climate change are being felt in the UK.

Summer 2022 saw England’s joint hottest summer on record. And the UK’s fourth hottest summer since records began.

Four of the five warmest summers on record in England have occurred since 2003.

The UK’s summer rainfall dropped to 62 per cent in 2022, some areas saw less than 50 per cent of their typical rainfall.

New Year’s Day 2022 was the hottest on record.

(Met Office statistics)

The UK has the oldest housing stock in Europe and most likely the world. While still valued, these homes leak energy and are unsuited to hotter summers and drier winters.

In 2019 the average Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy and environmental rating of English homes was 65 points out of a possible100.

Almost a quarter (24%) of the public have never heard of an energy performance certificate (EPC). Of those who have, less than a third (27%) are aware the EPC provides recommendations on energy efficiency improvements.

Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Public Attitudes Tracker, June 2022

According to a September 2021 Government Opinions and Lifestyle Survey less than a fifth of people in Great Britain (19%) were considering improving their home’s energy efficiency. Of those who were not considering any improvements, the most common reason for this was believing their home was already efficient enough (35%), followed by not owning their own home (29%), and changes costing too much money (28%).

On one day in July 2022 there were 22 wildfires across the country, as well as hundreds of maller blazes with residents evacuated from their homes. Major incidents declared in London, Leicestershire, East, North and South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

63 homes were destroyed.

The number of licensed zero emission vehicles, ultra-low emission vehicles, and plug-in vehicles has increased by 71% or more in the last year (Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2022 compared with Quarter 1 2021) in the UK.

(Office for National Statistics figures)

In August 2022 there were 33,996 public charging points in the UK in 20,534 locations. That’s more than the number of petrol stations.

(Zap Map statistic)

Food production is impacted by changes in weather. Soil is affected by extremes of heat and rainfall.

Defra has acknowledged that climate hazards pose an increased threat to crops and livestock.

British potatoes, veg and fruit are at risk from extreme and unpredictable weather.

In 2018 apple growers lost 25 per cent of their harvest. Onion yields were down 40 per cent. Potato crops fell by 20 per cent.

(Priestly International Centre for Climate Rese

The floods of 2015/16 alone cost our economy £1.6 billion and many people lost treasured possessions and were out of their homes for over a year suffering huge stress in the process. Overseas, the Camp Fire in California that spread through many celebrity homes, cost over $16 billion.

What are people saying about One Home?

“One Home founder Angela Terry is extremely knowledgeable about all things climate change and energy saving. She comes up with great ideas to explain global warming and the steps everyone can take to slow its progress. Her team can turn engaging copy around quickly and accurately.”

Collaborating with Angela, The Sun’s Green Week won National Campaign of the Year in the News Media Association’s Making A Difference Awards.

Caroline Iggulden – Assistant Editor, The Sun