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Whether you choose to do the job yourself or use a qualified installer in largely depends on your time availability, confidence with DIY skills and the costs involved.

Using a qualified installer will ensure the work is carried out to industry standards and will save you time and hassle

Using a qualified installer will ensure the work is carried out to industry standards and will save you time and hassle.

Installing loft insulation yourself however is cheaper and you get to choose when it happens. The job can typically be finished in a weekend.

If you choose to use an installer, it’s best to make enquiries as soon as possible, as many insulation companies are busy due to soaring energy bills, so there may be a wait.

We recommend bringing in professionals if any of these apply to you: 

  • You think your roof has damp or condensation issues 
  • Access to the loft is tricky
  • You have a flat roof 
  • You plan to convert your loft into a living space
  • You have a lot of electrical wiring in the loft or downlights on the ceiling below

If there are no complications, DIY is very manageable. Use our chart to help you decide which option is right for you:

could be for you if…
Qualified Installer
could be for you if…
You want to save money. DIY could save you £180 compared with a professional installation if you live in a typical semi-detached house.You would like the reassurance of having the work done professionally.
You want to get on with the job and do the work when it suits you.You’re happy to wait to fit in with the installer’s schedule.
You’re comfortable with DIY or have someone around who can help you.Work can come with a guarantee. Check with your installer.
You have the right protective equipment such as gloves and mask. Find out more here.You want it to be as hassle-free as possible. Some installers will even move the contents around the loft as they work to avoid a big clear-out.
Your roof is simple to access and there are no complications such as damp issues.You want minimal disruption. A straightforward loft can be insulated in half a day. 
It takes time. You’ll need to find out what to do, buy the materials, lay the insulation properly and clear up afterwards.You will have to pay more and there may be a wait before the installer can start work.
Which is my best option for installing loft insulation?
Professional installer

Want to find a qualified installer? 

  • Visit the TrustMark website which is the Government endorsed quality installer directory. They have more than 400 loft insulation installers registered.
  • The TrustMark Home Improvements app has been created for homeowners who want to repair, maintain, or have renovations made to their property. The app will help take you through things to think about when making home improvements.
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Want to lay the insulation yourself?

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DIY cost estimates include VAT. Professional installer estimates exclude VAT as this is not applied to insulation services.