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One Home’s Editorial Guidelines 

Would you like to write an article for the One Home website?

If you are part of an organisation that helps people adapt to climate change or help to stop global warming then we would love to hear from you. If you would like to write an overview of your specialist subject and why it is such a great idea for people to be involved then please drop us a line with your idea and any examples? Please make sure you check with us first as we cannot guarantee a blog will be published.

If you are asked to write for One Home we’ve provided some editorial guidelines below to ensure that readers benefit from your article as much as possible.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Write as much or as little as you like but 500 words plus if possible.
  • Please include lots of titles, sub -headings and images where possible to make reading easier.
  • Lists are great. Please use a capital at the start of each bullet point and a full stop.
  • For search engine optimisation please use the relevant keywords and phrases in titles and paragraphs.
  • If you have suitable photos please send them through along with any credits.
  • Please add links for referencing all facts and figures.
  • Acronyms spelt out in full first time with brackets so EV is electric vehicle (EV) etc.
  • We are not a political lobbying organisation so no party politics please.
  • Your name, title and organisation will appear at the bottom of the article so no company-specific sales pitches please.
  • When writing remember what is the ONE action you want the One Home readers to take away with them?


Definitely a lifestyle tone and attractive concept. If the story doesn’t appeal then people won’t read the article, let alone make the desired changes.  We offer independent, impartial, inspirational, consumer focussed, clear, concise messages so definitely no sales pitches. Therefore, the emphasis is always on

  1. Positive solutions,
  2. Benefits of going green and
  3. Addressing any concerns that prevent people from breaking habits and making a change.

Our Purpose

One Home exists to encourage climate action and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To enable Climate Action by providing free information and advice in a one stop shop. Providing positive solutions for those who wish to protect their home, family and planet.

If you have an idea you’d like to share or stories to tell, then drop us a line using social media #OneHome or info@onehome.org.uk.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing your great ideas and inspiration.