7 Reasons to Buy Electric Cars

There are many reasons to switch to an electric vehicle (EV), whether it's a pure electric car or a hybrid plug-in electric vehicle. Not only do these newer cars have faster performance, they're also cheaper to run and cleaner.

Here are our seven top reasons to switch to an electric car today.

7 Reasons to Switch to An Electric Car

  1. Faster performance. Electric vehicles (EV) are faster at accelerating with instant maximum torque and with no gears they are smoother to drive.
  2. Cheaper. EVs run off a battery charged from the grid (which increasingly is being powered by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power) so they are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars. They have simpler components (which also help brake the car) are easier to maintain and save on brake pads. With no spark plugs or oil to change service and maintenance costs are reduced too. A grant is available for up to £2,500 for all-electric cars (capped at £35,000).
  3. Safer. Before any car is allowed to go on sale, they have to pass rigorous health and safety regulations including crash tests. Battery charging is controlled by software so having cars plugged in charging overnight is safe. With some of the most advanced safety technology and no risk of spilt fuel, an electric car is one of the safest to drive.
  4. Cleaner, healthier air. Electric cars produce zero tail-pipe emissions - they produce no exhaust fumes - which is good news for air quality. Air pollution is poor in many towns and cities. This really matters because 40,000 premature deaths a year occur in the UK due to toxic air!
  5. Quieter. EVs are quieter both inside and out. Road noise is reduced which creates a more relaxing driving experience and for those who live near main roads, as well.
  6. Combatting climate change! 26% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Cars are responsible for the highest proportion of road transport carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The amount of CO2 is increasing because we are buying bigger, more polluting petrol and diesel cars, while in contrast the electricity sector is relying more and more on clean, renewable energy.
  7. Fun. They look and feel inside like something out of a sci-fi film and have many great features to improve your driving experience.

If you are keen to take the first step today and switch to electric make sure you read Fantastic Reasons to Buy An Electric Car.

Also, a very good electric car guide is available from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

What other reasons to switch to an electric car do you suggest?

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