Make your Insta feed a little more eco-friendly

We all spend a lot of time scrolling through social media, so why not add a bit of sustainability know-how to the mix? These fab eco-influencers have loads of tips, advice and insight on everything from waste-free cooking to low-impact fashion, to help you live a greener life.

  1. Alice Aedy (@aliceaedy)

Alice Aedy is a climate justice documentary filmmaker and photographer, as well as the founder of Earthrise Studio, a youth-led media platform sharing educational, thought-provoking narratives about the climate crisis. Her Instagram account takes followers behind the scenes of her work, acting as an inspirational springboard for change. 

  1. Max La Manna (@maxlamanna)

Max La Manna is a zero waste New York chef, sustainability advocate, environmentalist and author. His Instagram account is full of easy-to-cook recipes that help to reduce food waste – and when we say easy, we mean easy. Think cauliflower rice in just five minutes, no-bake pumpkin pie and delicious one pot curries and pasta dishes.

  1. Venetia La Manna (@venetialamanna)

Venetia La Manna is a broadcaster, slow fashion campaigner and co-founder of Remember Who Made Them – a campaign to support the garment workers that make the clothes we so often take for granted. Venetia is well known for challenging fashion brands on their unethical practices, and her feed is full of surprising (and often shocking) fast fashion stats, as well as plenty of inspiration for more sustainable dressing.

  1. Manuela Baron (@thegirlgonegreen)

Manuela Baron makes a zero waste minimal lifestyle look amazing. Her objective is ‘making art out of trash’ – an ethos that she’s applied to everything from food waste to plastic pollution. But her envy-inducing feed comes with strong messages and verified statistics about the climate crisis – as Manuela says, “sustainability is not just about pretty swaps”.

  1. Bea Johnson (@zerowastehome)

Dubbed ‘the mother of the zero waste lifestyle’, Bea Johnson is author of the bestselling book Zero Waste Home, and has lived ‘trash free’ since 2008. Her gorgeous Instagram feed shatters misconceptions associated with the zero waste lifestyle, and provides plenty of easy-to-follow advice for waste-free living, as well as verified facts on the positive impact doing so has on the planet.

  1. Neel Wanders (@flunkingmonkey)

Solo traveller and environmental biologist Neel Wanders uses beautiful travel photography to educate his followers on sustainability and conservation programmes around the world. From working with sea turtles in Greece to caring for elephants in Asia, Neel highlights how to make a positive difference to the natural environment while traveling.  

  1. Kathleen Elie (@consciousnchic)

Think sustainable style is boring? Think again. Kathleen Elie’s vibrant feed offers loads of simple and sustainable fashion and shopping tips, plus plenty of clean beauty and vegan inspiration. Better still, she seamlessly ties together sustainable living with self-care, reminding us all that making greener choices is as good for our wellbeing as it is for the planet’s.

  1. Lauren Singer (@trashisfortossers)

Lauren Singer is a major name in the zero waste movement, well-known for her claims that she’s collected all the waste she’s created since 2021 in a single 16oz mason jar. Her feed is full of useful, practical tips on living with less waste, as well as reading lists, must-watch documentaries, sustainable product swaps and entertaining interviews with other environmental activists.

  1. Ella Mills (@deliciouslyella)

Plant-based trailblazer Ella Mills launched her first vegan cookbook in 2015 and continues to inspire millions of followers everyday with easy recipe posts, simple swaps and meat-free encouragement. As The Vegan Society says, “If every family in the UK removed the meat from just one meal a week, it would have the same environmental impact as taking 16 million cars off the road.” If you’re not sure where to start, @deliciouslyella is it.

  1. Lizzie Carr (@lizzie_outside)

Outdoors adventurer Lizzie Carr is the founder of Planet Patrol, a campaign designed to eliminate single use plastic and tackle litter in our natural spaces. A respected paddle boarder, Lizzie’s feed is full of plastic pollution-busting tips and tricks, as well as inspiring calls to action to preserve our beautiful great outdoors.

  1. Immy Lucus (@sustainably_vegan)

Londoner Immy Lucas is the founder of The Low Impact Movement, a blog that encourages people to take part in a low impact living challenge without making major sacrifices to their everyday life. Immy talks about being ‘imperfectly sustainable’ and offers up lots of tips and advice for reducing waste in a way that’s meaningful to every individual person.

  1. One Home (@ouronehome)

Okay, so we’re not an influencer per se, but if you want to give your Insta feed a green makeover be sure to follow One Home. Our feed is brimming with positive solutions for the climate crisis, including informative infographics, easy sustainable swaps, and tips for living a low impact life that will help protect the planet – our one home – for us and all the generations to come.

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