Energy expert launches loft insulation campaign warning eight million UK households are losing hundreds of pounds ‘heating the sky’

30 Nov 2022
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UP to eight million households in Britain are losing hundreds of pounds a year in heating bills as their lofts are not adequately insulated, a leading energy expert has warned.

Environmental scientist Angela Terry, founder of green consumer site One Home, is spearheading The Big Loft Insulation Drive, a campaign to encourage homeowners to love their lofts, save money and cut their carbon footprint.

A quarter of all heat in a house is lost through an uninsulated roof, and homeowners could save £355 a year on energy bills in a typical semi-detached house simply by adding loft insulation.

Angela said: “Without adequate loft insulation, millions of homeowners are paying to simply heat the sky.

“Installing loft insulation is a straightforward DIY job, or you can ask a professional to do it for you. Homeowners who do this as a DIY job can expect to break even on the cost in just over a year, and you’ll save hundreds of pounds every year on heating bills in the future.

“You don’t need planning permission, it won’t make your home look any different and you can fit loft insulation yourself in a weekend. Think of it as like putting a warm, cosy bobble hat on your house, keeping all the heat inside.”

Angela has welcomed government plans to fund a public information campaign about how to save energy, and news of ECO+, a new government insulation scheme available from spring 2023 to those in the least energy efficient homes in the lower council tax bands.

But she is urging the millions of homeowners who won’t qualify for the scheme when it is launched in spring to prioritise fitting loft insulation and start saving money this winter.

She said: “We welcome the news that the government is proposing a public information campaign on how to save energy, and that grants to some people are set to become available in 2023.

“However the majority of households won’t qualify, so I urge homeowners to act now, insulate their lofts and keep the heat in.

“Encouraging people to turn down radiators and other measures are all good ideas but for a bigger impact, both on heating bills and on the environment, insulation is key.”

With gas prices costing more than 10 times as much as they did two years ago, putting on the heating has become a luxury for many Brits. But it’s estimated we waste £8.1bn a year in the UK due to inefficient housing, and our homes lose heat three times faster than in some European countries.

Of the eight million homes without adequate loft insulation in the UK there are 5.7 million that would be easy to fix.

Loft insulation is also an eco-friendly choice and fitting the recommended 270mm depth will save approximately 610kg of CO2 per year in a typical semi-detached home, the same impact as planting 300 trees.

Angela added: “For a semi-detached house it costs around £460 to install loft insulation as a DIY job, or £640 to have it professionally installed. For DIY jobs you could get that money back in savings in 16 months, and it will pay for itself many times over, particularly as loft insulation can last 40 years when fitted properly.

“Even using a professional installer, you could get that money back in savings in less than two years.

“We know cost is a big concern when it comes to loft insulation, but customer research has shown that most people considerably overestimate the amount of money and time it takes to install loft insulation.

“The majority of people without adequate insulation will not be eligible for a grant to fund any works, so it’s up to homeowners to take action now to protect themselves as best they can from soaring energy bills, which are due to rise again in April, and to cut their carbon footprint in the process.”

Joining Angela and supporting The Big Insulation Drive are the Energy Saving Trust, TrustMark, Energy UK, the trade association for the energy industry, and others.

Joanna O’Loan, knowledge manager at Energy Saving Trust said: “A quarter of heat in an uninsulated home is lost through the roof, so insulating your loft is a great way to reduce heat loss in your home and can pay for itself many times over its 40 year lifetime.

“Most homes have at least some loft insulation, but often not enough, so it’s worth topping up to the recommended depth of 270mm. If the space is easy to access and has no damp or condensation problems, it may be possible to install insulation yourself by laying mineral wool insulation. Otherwise, it’s best to seek professional advice.

“For a semi-detached home, installing loft insulation in an uninsulated space to a depth of 270mm could save you £355 a year on your energy bills.”

Simon Ayers, CEO at TrustMark said: “Before homeowners consider any other, and usually more costly, energy saving improvements such as a new boiler, installing a heat pump, or even a whole house retrofit, they firstly need to ensure that their homes are well insulated, which naturally starts with the roof.

“This ‘fabric first’ approach is not only the most cost effective way to keep your home warmer and cheaper to run but it also reduces carbon emissions and supports the drive towards achieving Net Zero.”

For practical advice on loft insulation visit and follow #KeepTheHeat.


Angela Terry is the founder and CEO of green consumer website One Home. One Home provides information and advice on positive, practical solutions that improve people’s lives while saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

A case study of a DIY loft installation is available. See:

Figures around insulation prices and savings are from the Energy Saving Trust.

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Sam Carlisle: / 07850 111213

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