The Climate Change Committee Report de-coded by Environmental Expert Angela Terry.

2 May 2019
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“It would make us the first industrialised country to commit to going zero carbon.”

Angela Terry is a leading environmental scientist and consumer campaigner on a mission to debunk and explain global warming. 

The media expert’s mission statement is to explain global warming and help families make small changes that have big impact.  

Angela, a mum-of-three, has set up One Home – a one-stop shop for people looking for positive solutions to reduce their impact on the planet.

She says: “Essentially the government have tasked their independent watch dog, the Climate Change Committee, to review if we should change the law to bring UK legislation in line with the Paris Agreement –  which stated that we have to urgently cut emissions to stay below 2 °C of warming.

“If they recommend a change, and crucially, government accept the findings (which they have promised to do) it would make us the first industrialised country to commit to going zero carbon.

“This is significant for two reasons; Firstly, it signals very clearly that business as usual with a bit of ‘green icing’ on the top is no longer possible. Our housing, transport, food, farms, energy, everything will have to change to meet this target.

Secondly, it gives us hope that we could still have a future that is viable.

“I absolutely welcome their work and to the bottom of my heart hope Theresa May and her Government back it 100%. The key is that businesses and investors need to understand the direction of travel so they can innovate to deliver the solutions.

“Public opinion is there. The genie is out of the box and won’t ever go back in on global warming. Extreme weather events are a regular reminder of how fast our planet is changing and that is why this is an emergency.

“Renewable energy is hugely popular as is action to improve air quality.

“The Treasury and the Department of Transport need to be completely on board. They are seen as the biggest barrier to saving ourselves yet the Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s, constituency on the river Thames floods regularly. And Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, lives in East Anglia which produces lots of UK food but increasingly is suffering from drought as our rain comes from the south west and there is less rainfall in a hotter world.

“No politician will be electable if they are on the wrong side of this debate.”

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