Big news! One Home partners with major global campaign to shine the spotlight on climate change

30 Sep 2020
1 min read

A big initiative pushing for big climate action.

This October will see the launch of a massive global campaign designed to get the world talking about, and acting on, climate change.

The initiative will kick off on 10th October on TED Countdown, which has previously won the support of big names such as Chris Hemsworth, Prince William, Mark Ruffalo and Al Gore.

The new project is being driven by some fantastic organisations and One Home is proud to announce that we’ll be part of this pioneering new collective. Compared to some of the blockbuster names on the line-up we’re certainly considered small fry – so our involvement is proof that everyone’s actions can make a difference!

We can’t say too much yet about what’s in store, but we can promise you that it’s set to be a truly inspirational endeavour, with celebrities, organisations and brands alike coming together to encourage positive, meaningful action on climate change.

Follow @ouronehome for updates, and stay tuned!

The One Home team



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