Here’s how to support the Youth Climate Strike this September

12 Sep 2019
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Friday 20th September 2019 will see more than 100 climate strikes taking place around the UK, urging the government to take action on climate change. Here’s how to get involved.

Over the past year, students around the UK have been striking from school to draw attention to the climate crisis. Now, on Friday 20th September, they’re asking people of all ages to join them. These strikes kick off a week of activities with events taking place around the world, all designed to get governments to take urgent, decisive action against climate change.

There is a useful resource that will locate your nearest strike. More than 100 planned strikes have been officially registered, with more being added every day.

Joining a strike may mean taking a day or half a day of annual leave, or taking a volunteer day, so while many businesses have pledged their support for the Climate Strike and will offer flexibility to those wishing to take part, it may not be possible for everyone to strike. Here are some other ways to get involved:

At work

  • Take action in your lunch break. Even if you can’t take the whole day off, you can use what time you do have available to join a strike near you – every little bit of support shows the government that it’s time for change.
  • Hold an event at work, such as a lunchtime discussion, or by sharing information on the way climate change is likely to affect your workplace or industry.
  • Show support on social media. Use the hashtag #ClimateStrike, engage with strike content and amplify the strike’s message. You might even create signs of support with colleagues and post these online to show solidarity.

In the community

  • Show your support to young people, whether this is by allowing your child to go to a strike or by writing to your local MP or newspaper about why you support the young people leading this important movement. The UK Student Climate Network has even created a template letter for this.
  • Hold a climate conversation in your home. Invite friends over to talk about the importance of action on climate change, share ideas and engage in discussion. Again, you could make signs to share on social media – remember to use the hashtag #ClimateStrike!
  • Write to your MP and ask them to encourage Boris Johnson to implement policies that will set the foundations for a cleaner, greener future where the UK doesn’t contribute to climate change. There’s a template letter here from the Climate Coalition.

Remember, even the smallest involvement makes a difference. Do what you can to show the government that it’s time for urgent action, and to support the young people that are so worried and passionately trying to drive change.


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