Five staycation ideas for summer 2023

1 Oct 2022
4 min read
Camping in the great outdoors

Get away closer to home.

We all got used to the idea of staycations during the pandemic. And while some of us might have yearned for sea, sun and sangria, the queues at airports and cancellation of flights has made Cornwall far more appealing than the Costas.

You might change your mind about holidays abroad forever

The UK has so much to offer holidaymakers that it might make financial sense to avoid an expensive holiday abroad and visit our own shores. And that, of course, is great news for the environment, since flying is a major source of the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Set off on one of these UK escapes and you might change your mind about holidays abroad forever.

1. Glamping

Yurts on glamping site

Like the idea of camping, but aren’t so enamoured with the idea of roughing it even a little bit? There’s no shame in that! The glamping (glam + camping) industry has exploded in popularity over the last decade thanks to a huge demand from folk that want to get up close and personal with the great outdoors, without sacrificing their creature comforts. Glamping promises a little bit of luxury in the form of beautiful yurts or bell tents with gorgeous furnishings, plenty of space and privacy, and often access to premium facilities, such as hot tubs and Jacuzzis. There are scores of companies offering dreamy glamping breaks around the UK, but for the summer of 2020 only, Canopy & Stars is offering special deals on all the luxe tents that are missing out on the festival and wedding circuit due to coronavirus.

Visit for great deals on beautiful glamping breaks around the UK.

2. City breaks

People on a city break in the UK

City breaks bring to mind sumptuous architecture, amazing museums, fantastic food and lively nightlife, not to mention hours spent exploring streets and alleyways before stumbling on a hidden gem in the form of a wonderful coffee shop or charming antiques shop. Yes, this might be synonymous with the likes of Vienna or Rome, but there are plenty of cities in the UK that offer the very same. The medieval city of York, for example, is crammed full of winding streets and fascinating British history. Manchester, meanwhile, is full to the brim with museums covering art, science and sport, where you can easily lose half a day or more. Beautiful harbour-side Bristol, meanwhile, is a vibrant city bustling with art, culture and gorgeous green spaces. As hotels and B&Bs begin opening up around the country, now’s the time to explore the best of Britain.

Visit for some brilliant UK city break inspiration.

3. Camping

Camping in the UK may well conjure up images of Carry On films, soggy sandwiches and tedious afternoons spent playing cards, but campsites – and camping gear – have come on leaps and bounds in recent times. Durable, roomy and easy-to-erect tents can be purchased for a reasonable price, and campsites around the country now boast all manner of facilities and home comforts, such as warm showers, cafes and bars, and even entertainment for kids. Of course, this year some facilities may be pared-back due to social distancing measures, but pitching up in a new spot – whether that’s on the coast, in sunny woodland or among the glorious countryside – is a freedom you won’t find on any other type of holiday.

'Home from home' camping with a mobile home

Visit for details on sites and availability throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

4. A home from home

A lot of folk will have already jumped on the staycation train, which means much of the more popular group accommodation, such as cottages, lodges and canal boats, will already be booked up. But there are still plenty of self-catering options available around the country that will fulfil all kinds of requirements, from beachside-locations and private hot tubs, to dog-friendly amenities and games rooms. Not set on a destination? Why not enter all your dream criteria for a self-catering property and see where you could end up!

Why not take in several destinations during your break away?

Visit or to explore thousands of properties around the UK.

5. Hire a campervan

Let’s face it, the UK is a pretty small country, so why not take in several destinations during your break away with the freedom of a campervan? Explore multiple parts of the country in one trip without having to pack and repack, with huge choices about where you go and what you see. From England’s majestic coastlines to Wales’ rolling hills and Scotland’s mighty lochs – take it all at your own pace! Just make sure you’re familiar with the rules around where you can and cannot park.

Visit for a wide range of UK-based campervans and motorhomes.

The bottom line

You don’t have to forsake a well-earned holiday – just rethinking how you go about it. The UK has lots of holiday inspiration on offer, and as the effects of climate change take hold it’ll become an increasingly popular destination for breaks and trips away – be one of the first to make the most of it!


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