Community Renewable Energy Groups

There might already be a community energy group nearby you could team up with. Have a look at the membership lists for Community Energy EnglandCommunity Energy Wales or Community Energy Scotland.

If there isn’t a renewable energy group near you and you are interested in setting one up, the Community Energy Resource Hub has lots of information on technology, models and finance that is free to use to kick start your plans.

Projects in Your Neighbourhood

A fascinating map of all renewable energy projects in the UK over 1MW is available through My Grid GB broken down by technology. There would be millions if every renewable energy project was listed hence the one mega watt and above criteria for inclusion. However, people with renewables are the most evangelical supports so if you ask politely many organisations will happily show you around their installation.

Log Burners or Wood Stoves Near Me

To install a wood stove suppliers need to be approved by HETAS.

Renewable Heat and Renewable Electricity Generation Suppliers

Installers registered under the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) can fit solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, biomass boilers, micro CHP or wind turbines for your home or business.  To find an MCS installer in your area please search