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8 Dec 2023
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The current social, economic and global climate is making a lot of us feel at times hopeless. There’s a lot of talk about the things that are going wrong but often not enough mention of the things that are going right.

Yes, there are things we’d all change if we could, there are also a lot of things that are a real cause for celebration and excitement when it comes to the environment.

Shout it from the (solar panelled) roof tops

Roof top solar panels

There’s been a huge surge in roof top solar power installations this year – in fact the number installed in the UK in October– 138,336 is greater than the total amount installed in 2022 . That means hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country are doing their homework and looking at the financial as well as environmental benefits of power from the sun.

I’ve had solar panels on my own house for years – they’re fantastic and save us money. Not to mention the fact everyone I know is fascinated by the app I have that tells me how much power they’re generating. We didn’t buy a battery as that saved us money on the install and we charge the car with the energy through a ‘smart’ EV charger.

It’s never too late to join the solar revolution, if more citizens invest in solar energy then the less oil and gas will be burnt. If you’re not sure whether solar panels are for you, take a look here to help you decide:

There are plenty of savings to be made too:

Wind energy increasing

Wind turbines. Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

And it’s not just sunshine that’s bringing the brightness on the climate change front. What will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm has started producing clean power for the grid for the first time this month.

Dogger Bank – off the coast of Yorkshire – has 277 wind turbines currently and is being built in three phases. When it’s completed in 2026, it’ll be the largest in the world and cover an area larger than Greater London out at sea.

We have such a huge ability and capacity around the British Isles for wind power so knowing Dogger Bank is up and running is something to really celebrate.

Grants for clean technology

Another bonus for clean technology is the government grants available for heat pumps has increased by an extra £2,500 to £7,500. Since this change to the boiler upgrade scheme (BUS), enquiries about heat pumps, which are far more efficient and cleaner than gas boilers, have gone up five fold in recent weeks. To find out more, log onto:

Uptake of any new technology throughout time, starts slow but then it accelerates exponentially as costs decrease and popularity increases. As is always the way with life, there’s a lot we might feel powerless to change but if we really notice and celebrate the changes happening, and make green choices where we can, things don’t seem so helpless after all.


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