Top five reasons to invest in solar power

15 Aug 2018
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Solar power is the most popular form of energy generation with public support at an amazing 87%.

There are around a million photovoltaic (PV) installations in the UK.  At some periods during summer 2018, 27% of all UK electricity came from the sun. This is amazing progress for ‘green’ energy, and with the UK committing to Net Zero emissions, solar power is set to play a big role as we switch to a zero carbon economy.

Top five reasons to invest in solar power

The prevalence of droughts, heatwaves and floods are a reminder that we all need to do more to protect our planet from climate change. Using renewable resources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels is vital. Here are five key reasons to install solar panels on your home:

  1. The price of solar panels has plummeted, and efficiencies have improved. The cost of an average installation has fallen to around £5,000 yet panels will produce more units of power.
  2. Electricity bills keep increasing.
  3. Interest rates on savings remain stubbornly low.
  4. Solar is clean energy, and plays a vital role in tackling air pollution.
  5. Crucially, the impacts of global warming are dramatically increasing.

Financial benefits of solar power

There are many financial benefits and cost savings of solar power.  The desire for ethical investments continues to increaseSolar power provides a good return if you use electricity on-site during the day.

Depending on how much electricity is used during the day, homeowners or businesses with solar panels on their roof are saving significant sums on energy bills.  This can be a better return on investment than interest earned in many savings accounts.

In addition, the cost of oil and gas just keeps increasing.  This results in higher energy bills both at home and petrol stations.  In contrast, sunny summers boost the amount of carbon-free electricity produced.  So people who embrace renewables are reducing their energy bills more each year.  If you buy an electric car then these savings increase further.  A smart home with solar power can charge the battery in an electric car from daylight therefore, providing miles of ‘free’ motoring.

BMW i3 with solar panels on roof

Why is solar power so popular?

It’s clean.

Generating solar power reduces your carbon footprint.  Solar panels are a clean technology that harnesses the energy from the sun, which is a natural and renewable resource.  Photovoltaics create significant savings on rising fuel and electricity bills and can improve your EPC rating, which is another advantage when you wish to buy or rent your property.

It saves you money.

Nearly a million homeowners have solar panels on their roof. And finding glowing testimonials is not difficult.  Every home I visit with solar panels involves an almost compulsory demonstration of how much their mini power station has generated and how little electricity they are purchasing.  This conversation happens regardless of the homeowners’ background: engineers, teachers and NHS staff are all proud of their investment decision and are achieving virtual energy independence during the summer months.

It’s the future of energy.

As the UK’s first clean technology platform, One Home covers a wide range of topics but what has become abundantly clear already is how popular solar energy is.  Hits on the One Home website, social media results, and media interviews all favour solar energy.  One survey concluded that 44% of the public want solar panels with battery storage by 2020 as part of the trend for smarter homes. Meanwhile, a survey by ClientEarth found an incredible 64% of consumers wanted to install their own solar panels at home if greater assistance was available. 

Get solar power for your home

Solar power for homes is a great idea to save money on energy bills and to help protect the planet.  With significant financial and environmental benefits from solar PV this is yet another good reason to act today.

To find out if your home is suitable for solar panels and how to find qualified installers visit our solar power guide.


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