• Explore how the food we eat impacts our health and our environment.
  • Learn the best ways to stay cool in the heat and conserve water.
  • Find how to reduce your carbon footprint by eating less red meat.
  • Create a sanctuary in your garden for wildlife, whatever the weather.
  • Top tips to avoid plastic pollution and reduce waste from our homes.

Sustainable fashion aims to help solve the many ways the fashion industry is damaging the environment. From the pesticides and toxins from producing fibres, to greenhouse gases caused by clothing in landfill, the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s time to change.

Yellow and green front doors

Top ten tips on how to have a green home and reduce your impact on the planet.

If you want to put the planet at the heart of your Resolutions this year, and go green in 2019, here are 10 lifestyle actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

Wind farm

From heatwaves and droughts to super storms and floods, the weather in 2018 has given many of us reason to pause for thought.

Wind turbines in the sea at an off shore wind farm

Saving money and helping protect the planet

With all the news that energy companies are having to increase their prices to cover increasing wholesale costs, are there easy ways that we can all reduce our energy costs and create a sustainable future?

'Cool' - family with sparklers

Knowing how to stay cool in warm weather is important as many of us struggle when temperatures increase.

Baby splashing in plastic tub

As record breaking summer weather continues, reduced rainfall and unprecedented demand for water means that water shortages and hose pipe bans are occurring across the UK.

Sunflower head

Summer gardening tips for hot weather.

The benefits of buying local, seasonal and sustainable food

Here are nine key benefits of buying local, seasonal and sustainable food.

Green gardening tips

If you wish to create a haven for you and wildlife, then our top tips for green gardening are for you. 

How to Reduce Meat Consumption and Food Waste

By making smart choices about the food we buy and put on our plate we can literally stop food costing the earth! Agriculture is responsible for around 30% of global carbon emissions.

Why waste, such as plastic pollution, is Rubbish

Do we live in a throw away society? Do you personally have a waste mentality? If so how can we ditch this habit?


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