Grill green.

Green cooking tips and tricks that make meal prep more sustainable and energy efficient.

Organic food

Denmark’s cows honour organic food by dancing (yes, really).

Low carbon diet

Eat well for the planet – and your health.

You’ve heard of low-carb diets, but what about a low carbon diet? Thanks to intensive agriculture, crop farming, livestock management, packaging and logistics, the food system is responsible for a third of all global greenhouse emissions.

Plastic Free July is a challenge that started in Australia but is now spreading all over the world as we struggle to contain our containers and banish our overwhelming plastic waste. So it’s a great time to pledge against plastic - and what better place to start than with the humble drinking bottle?

With the UK government declaring a climate emergency, more of us than ever are looking for ways to cut down our greenhouse gas emissions. So, why not give some plant-based alternatives a try this week?

The benefits of buying local, seasonal and sustainable food

Here are nine key benefits of buying local, seasonal and sustainable food.

How to Reduce Meat Consumption and Food Waste

By making smart choices about the food we buy and put on our plate we can literally stop food costing the earth! Agriculture is responsible for around 30% of global carbon emissions.


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