Try these now:

  • Switch your energy provider to clean energy and save money.
  • Insulate your loft to 27cms to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Switch all your lights to LEDs – 85% more efficient than halogen down lights.
Air source heat pump external view

Grants of £5,000 are now available for people wanting to replace their oil and gas boilers with heating systems that don’t rely on fossil fuels. 

Domestic radiator

As of April 2022, the UK Government’s new £5k grants for heat pumps are available in England and Wales. Take-up should hopefully be huge. With energy prices soaring, the rush to ditch gas boilers and move to eco-friendly heat pumps is on. To get your home ready, preparation is key.

Man installing wall insulation - photo by Michael Baird

The issue of rising gas prices has dominated the news for many months and the energy crisis is not going away. The UK’s biggest energy supplier, Centrica, has said that soaring energy prices could last up to two years but we are not powerless. Energy efficiency measures save fuel, cut energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rolls of insulation

One Home’s Founder Angela Terry on Channel 5

As the energy and linked cost-of-living crises rage on, One Home’s founder, environmental scientist Angela Terry, was the featured expert in an item on home energy efficiency on 5 News.

Flooded home interior

Check, Prepare, Act to keep you and your loved ones safe from flooding

In 2020, Christmas was a total washout for many people, when floods arrived only 2-days days before Christmas day.

The new scheme is designed to help homeowners replace their gas boilers with a more eco-friendly alternative

Rising gas prices and how you can reduce your energy bills at home

How to insulate your Home so all rooms are warm and cosy

Everyone likes a warm, cosy home but how can you make your house warmer without paying a fortune for gas and electricity?

Your home’s EPC rating could end up costing you.

From little tweaks to big changes, here’s how to make the comfiest room in the house kinder on the environment.

Spring cleaning is a bit more tolerable if you know it’s saving you some cash!

From the bones of a building to the final decorative flourishes, here are seven things to consider when giving your home a sustainable makeover.

Easy ways to make sure your porcelain throne has a leaner, greener impact on the planet.

Radiators, storage heaters, gas fires… what’s the best way to heat your home workspace?

WRAP’s latest recycling report shows that the UK is making steady improvements – but there’s still work to be done.

The latest information on the Government’s Green Homes Grant for insulation and low carbon heating in England.

No mess, no disruption, just lower heating bills and a warmer home.

The government is making millions available to homeowners looking to improve their properties.

Simple choices and easy tips to make your bathroom the greenest room in the house.

Give your property an energy efficiency boost without having to consult your landlord.

You definitely don’t need air-conditioning.

Now’s the time to get on top of the eco tasks you’ve never had time to do.

Minimum effort, maximum conservation.

What you need to do to repair and rebuild.

And maybe make a bit of money in the process.

What happens to your waste once you’ve done your bit?

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: how a variety of free gadgets can help you save water.

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat – here’s how to make sure your energy consumption stays trim!

Get your home squeaky clean the eco-friendly way.

Reducing your energy consumption – and saving on bills – doesn’t have to be complicated.

From leaving the heating on all day to relying on a screen saver to save energy – how many of these common energy saving myths have you fallen for?

Climate change means the UK is wetter than ever before. With severe weather warnings predicted now and for the foreseeable future, here’s how to guard against the increasingly likely risk of floods.

Making sure your home is properly insulated is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption, and it could knock a big chunk off your energy bills, too. Here’s how much you could stand to save.


Make the most of your valuable waste materials by recycling as much as possible

cat on a radiator heating home

Every week we bring you a simple idea for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet. This week: the financial and environmental benefits of a regular boiler service.

Couple sitting outside bungalow with solar panels on roof

Solar power is the most popular form of energy generation with public support at an amazing 87%.

How to profit from sunshine with solar power

Solar power can make you money from daylight, which is free for everyone.

Benefits of Solar Power: Free Electricity from the Sun

Long summer days are the perfect time to get the most out of solar panels. And over the last 25 years the cost of installing them has dramatically reduced. As a result, solar power is the world's fastest growing energy source.

Lighting accounts for 20% of all the energy consumption in the UK and there’s increasing talk about LED bulbs these days. So what is it about LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes, if you want their full name!) that makes them such an all-round good option?

With carbon emissions from heat up for the second consecutive year in the UK, we urgently need alternative heating sources. So how do we switch from fossil fuel reliance to renewable energy heat?

Around 90% of customers in the UK are with one of the “Big Six” energy suppliers and a third of all customers are on a standard variable tariff. This is an indefinite contract and the most expensive way possible to buy the exact same gas and electricity that everyone else is using.

Switching to a green energy supplier is a great step you can take to tackle climate change, and it could benefit your budget too. It really couldn’t be simpler and with new advances in green energy innovation, there are plenty of providers to choose from. Here’s how.

House in the snow

Top tips to stay warm at home, reduce your energy bills and cut carbon.

Hunter wood burning stove in living room

Not all wood stoves are created equal and it is good to know that some wood stove manufacturers have been working hard to not only improve the aesthetic appeal of their products, but to reduce the impact caused by particulate emissions.

Smart Homes to cut electricity bills

We live in an increasingly smart world where gadgets can talk to each other and even talk to us, so electricity is essential to power these devices.

Solar Water Heaters: Producing Hot water from the sun

Did you know that you can use the power of the sun to heat water for your home with a solar water heater?

The Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are extremely popular and a real positive feature for any room.

Reduce Gas Bills by Insulating Your Home

By insulating our homes, we reduce the demand for energy and burn less fuel, which helps combat climate change and protects the planet.

How to Choose the Best Fire Wood for Log Burners

Human dependence and fascination with burning wood can be traced all the way back to early humans but there is a real art to a good fire


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